Educational Construction Toys

Frequently Asked Questions

My set is missing a piece. How do I receive replacement parts?

If your set is missing a screw or bolt, please email us at orders@eitechamerica.com with the part # you are missing and we will send you the replacement parts free of charge.

Does my Eitech construction set come with instructions?

Yes. It comes with easy-to-read illustrated instructions. In the case that you lose these instructions, we are happy to replace. Just shoot us an email at orders@eitechamerica.com.

Will I need an adapter for my remote control construction set?

Yes. Since our products are made in Germany they come complete with European chargers. Should you not have an American outlet adapter in your possession, please contact us and we will send you one free of charge. 


Why is there a charge to my card from Northwest Synergy?

Northwest Synergy is a DBA of Eitech, where orders ship from Morristown Tennessee so that costs may be kept down and passed on to you.